Why Us?

We, at Rigpa House, a team of education consultants expert distributed between offices in Australia, Bhutan and Canada. Rigpa Hous has been affiliated with internationally recognized colleges, trade schools, and universities. It has successfully placed tens of students in academia in Australia and Canada, as appropriate to the students' profile and more are forthcoming. We will equip our students with the best possible opportunities in academic institutions in Australia and Canada.

If you are passionate about studying in internationally recognized colleges and universities and imagine yourself as a successful worker/student in the future, Rigpa House can help you achieve your educational dreams and turn them into a reality. For example, Rigpa House can assist you in your college application preparation, program selection, provide recommendations for visa application and many more. Below is an outline of who we are and why you should choose us:

1. One of the top-rated education consultancy in Canada with one of the highest (100 %) student visa success rates
2. Rapidly growing education consultancy with over 2 years of proven experience
3. Experienced, professional, friendly and dedicated and, ready to advise students starting from their first day of application for admission and program selection to visa application.
4. Student-centered approach emphasizing one to one guidance with the aim to meet the needs of individual students
5. Evaluation of academic strength, financial stability and plans determined to match the expectation of a college offering admission
6. Reliable agency for students who rely solely upon our expertise in counselling, guidance, and recommendations
7. Students and their parents can fully trust us as an ideal partner in students' academic pursuits that will play an important role in making informed decisions and shaping students career in the future.